The Washington Post: At the 100-day mark, has Biden kept his campaign promises?

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Washington, D.C., April 27, 2021: In a recent Washington Post article, national politics reporters Daniela SantamariñaMatt Viser and Ashlyn Still keeps track of how much of President Joe Biden’s campaign promises have turned into action upon his 100 days in office. Inclusive America’s data analysis is featured as a way to demonstrate Biden’s progress in his task to “appoint a cabinet that ‘looks like America.'”

“Biden achieved a number of historic firsts in his running mate and Cabinet picks, including the first female vice president and treasury secretary, the first openly gay Cabinet secretary confirmed by the Senate, and the first Native American secretary. Half of his Cabinet members are non-White, and 46 percent are women, according to Inclusive America, which tracks diversity in government. Among the 315 administration positions tracked by the group, 42 percent are people of color and 59 percent are women.”

Inclusive America commends President Biden on his work, but also believes that the work is not yet over. As mentioned in the Washington Post article, President Biden has received criticism from Asian American and Pacific Islander groups for not appointing an Asian American Cabinet secretary.

For more details regarding President Biden’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, visit Inclusive America’s Biden Progress Report.

Read the full article here: At the 100-day mark, has Biden kept his campaign promises?


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