Inclusive America

is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that will help make the government as diverse as the people of the United States. Inclusive America will:

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Maintain a database

of highly-qualified candidates and provide optimal candidates for any politically appointed position.

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Track demographic info

for every politically appointed position and advocate for a more inclusive government.

State of Affairs

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By 2040, the United States will be a minority majority country.

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93% of people running our federal government in 2018 are white. 80% are white men.

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The United States has never had a woman serve as an Ambassador to key allies, such as Israel, Spain and Germany.

Our Goal

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Create and maintain an updated database of diverse, bi-partisan, highly-qualified candidates for appointments.

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Give Presidential Personnel Office staff members a readily-accessible pool of candidates for any position they seek to fill.

The Team


Mark Hanis


Mark is a serial social-entrepreneur, having launched three successful not-for-profits.  He also served as a White House Fellow working for Vice President Joe Biden. He is the grandchild of four Holocaust survivors and was raised in Quito, Ecuador. 


Jana Nelson


Jana is a businesswoman with previous experience in government and a passion for diversity and inclusion issues in both the public and private sector. Born and raised in Brazil.

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