Inclusive America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that will help make the government as diverse as the people of the United States. We believe that “personnel is policy.”


We will work on three tracks:

Educate: Track demographic information of all appointed political positions. We will provide the analysis to government hiring managers / recruiters, the media, partner organizations, and interested individuals. It will also serve as a baseline and tool to measure progress.

Elevate: Partner with individuals, organizations, and associations to develop slates of qualified diverse candidates for every relevant position so we can provide a positive alternative to the status-quo.

Advocate: Support policies that increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the public sector. For example, we have launched the Pledge for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Parity at Every Level: The Federal Government must, by law and in pursuit of our national ideals, “endeavor to achieve a work force from all segments of society”  (5 U.S.C. 2301(b)(1)). Here is how segments of US society look (based on data from the US Census, Gallup, Pew Trust, Williams Institute, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention):

Gender IdentityPopulation CountTotal in Percentage (%)
Race/EthnicityPopulation CountTotal in Percentage (%)
White 197,271,95360.1%
Black/African American43,984,09613.4%
Asian American & Pacific Islander20,022,6116.1%
Middle Eastern/North African9,981,3323%
Native American/American Indian4,267,1141.3%
Age Population CountTotal in Percentage (%)
Under 18 years old 73,197,41422.3%
18-44 years old118,494,46836.1%
45-64 years old82,388,12025.1%
Over 6554,159,52116.5%
Ability StatusPopulation CountTotal in Percentage (%)
People with Disabilities61,000,00018.6%
Veteran StatusPopulation CountTotal in Percentage (%)

Break Glass Ceilings: Several positions have only been held by specific segments of society.  We will target these positions to ensure that a level playing field is established. 

Systemic Change: Adapt and adopt policies to ensure that our government is an inclusive workplace regardless of the administration in power.


The federal government defines the following terms:

  • Diversity: The practice of including the many communities, identities, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, cultures, and beliefs of the American people, including underserved communities.
  • Equity: The consistent and systematic fair, just, and impartial treatment of all individuals, including individuals who belong to underserved communities that have been denied such treatment. 
  • Inclusion: The recognition, appreciation, and use of the talents and skills of employees of all backgrounds. 
  • Accessibility: The design, construction, development, and maintenance of facilities, information and communication technology, programs, and services so that all people, including people with disabilities, can fully and independently use them. Accessibility includes the provision of accommodations and modifications to ensure equal access to employment and participation in activities for people with disabilities, the reduction or elimination of physical and attitudinal barriers to equitable opportunities, a commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities can independently access every outward-facing and internal activity or electronic space, and the pursuit of best practices such as universal design.