Endorsers & Partners

We asked those in position of power from the last few administrations if they approve of our idea and we got an overwhelmingly positive response.

Bush Administration
Richard Armitage
John Bridgeland
Mike Leavitt
Christine Todd Whitman
Ann Veneman

Lt. General Thomas Bostick (Ret.)
General Edward Rice (Ret.)
General Larry Spencer (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Clifford Stanley (Ret.)

Tony Coelho
Tom Davis
Lee Hamilton
Glenn Nye

Clinton Administration
Charlene Barshefsky
Carol Browner
Henry Cisneros
John Deutch
Stuart Eizenstat
Dan Glickman
Mickey Kantor
Anthony Lake
Federico Peña
Richard Riley
Linda Stuntz
Strobe Talbott

Obama Administration
Sarah Bloom Raskin
David Cohen
Nani Coloretti
Michael Connor
Arne Duncan
Eric Fanning
Michèle Flournoy
Chuck Hagel
Maurice Jones
John King
Chris Lu
Alejandro Mayorkas
Andrew Mayock
Denis McDonough
Cecilia Muñoz
Leon Panetta
Ken Salazar
Don Steinberg
Jeff Zients


There is great work already being done in this space. We are partnering with not-for-profits, think tanks, and activists to ensure that we fill the gaps and coordinate toward the goal of a more inclusive government.