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Time and time again, America has proven that diversity is our nation’s greatest asset. Unfortunately, this has not been evident in the current makeup of our government — resulting into policies that overlook the needs of historically marginalized communities. In order for democracy to work for all of us, our policymakers must look like all of us. Together, we must demand for a federal government committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us in working towards a more Inclusive America.

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Support the Federal Jobs Act (H.R.1136)

Support the National Security Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Act (H.R.2979 / S.497)

Support the LGBT Data Inclusion Act (H.R.3273)

Support the Department of State Student Internship Program Act (H.R.8409)

Support the PLUM Act (H.R.2403/S.857)

Support the Represent America Abroad Act (H.R. 7673)

Support the State Harassment and Assault Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE) Act of 2020 (H.R. TBD)