Diverse Business Leaders Wanted for a Biden White House

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In a recent op-ed published on Barron’s, Inclusive America Co-Founder Mark Hanis joins Paul Thornell and Nicole Venable in recognizing a misplaced demand of a recent pledge that may prevent diversity should Biden win the presidency.

“Let’s unpack some of the realities that need to be addressed about how this ban on corporate talent may be inherently in conflict with the goal of a racially and ethnically diverse Biden administration…

…The resources from corporate jobs are essential for first-generation minority wealth creators to sustain and move their families forward and close that gap. People of color often take on financial burdens of relatives. A Mass Mutual survey found that 60% of Black families have supported someone and almost a third have been supported by someone else (African-Americans have a more expansive definition of “family” to include extended relatives and friends.) But taking certain corporate jobs would doom their prospects to serve under the screen proposed by these progressive-left organizations.”

Read the full op-ed at Barron’s “Diverse Business Leaders Wanted for a Biden White House.”