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Agency Review Team Must Reach Parity for Minority Groups

Washington, D.C., January 2, 2021: There are only 16 Cabinet positions, but there are approximately 4,000 politically appointed positions available to the Biden Administration including 9 Cabinet-level positions and 33 Senior Staff positions. 

President-elect Biden has been thoroughly involved in selecting candidates for his Cabinet, Cabinet-level positions, and Senior Staff, but the Agency Review Team also plays a huge part in filling the remaining 4,000 politically appointed positions.

Like the makeup of the United States, Biden’s Agency Review Team is nearly 60 percent white; however, they still lack parity for Hispanic/Latinx, Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Natives.

Although the Biden Administration has reached parity for various categories, including gender in Cabinet-level and Senior Staff, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in all three top categories, and Veterans in all three top categories, there is always room for improvement. 

Based on our current analysis, the Biden Administration needs to:

  1. Appoint more women to the Cabinet;
  2. Appoint transgender people at every level;
  3. Appoint Latinx/Hispanic people to the Cabinet-level; and
  4. Appoint Native American/American Indian people to the Cabinet-Level and senior staff every level.

For more information, see our data on the Agency Review Team here. 


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